Beautiful mandalas created from the motion of the moon and stars

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About Moon Mandalas

Just like us, moon mandalas are constantly affected by the motion of the moon and stars

Current Mandala

The mandala's geometry changes with the motion of the sun and planets, its colours change with each lunar phase, and there are special effects for special events such as full or new moons, supermoons, eclipses and retrograde planets.

Nakshatra report

Set your daily intention with a personalized Moon Nakshatra report. The Nakshatras (lunar constellations) are used in Vedic astrology to predict how an individual’s karma will manifest.

Birth Mandala

Create a unique mandala based on your natal chart, and get a detailed personality report. Discover the lunar phase and special astrological events at the time of your birth.

Breathing Exercises

Boost your mood and energy levels with timed deep breathing exercises. Synchronize your breath with the mandala to focus and quieten your mind.

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